The Prop 8 Report

What Is The Prop 8 Report?

The Prop 8 Report is an in-depth case study of California's 2008 Prop 8 campaign. Prop 8 amended the state constitution to prohibit future same-sex marriages.

Most of the conventional wisdom about why we lost Prop 8 is wrong.

Ways to Explore and Get Involved:

1. Watch A Video

First, watch this five-minute video where Dave Fleischer, the author, discusses the main findings of the report.

2. Attend A Live Briefing

Second, you can come to an in-person briefing on the report by author Dave Fleischer where he'll share data that show why we lost, offer recommendations for how we can do better, and take questions and suggestions from the audience. Join us!

Click here to reserve a space or to sign-up to organize your own briefing with Dave Fleischer!

3. Read The Report

Third, read or download part or all of the report. Short segments include [each with its own link]:
News Highlights:
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