It was possible for me to write this report only because many people provided information, advice, critique, and help.

Vital insight and information came from those who worked on the No on 8 campaign and who also agreed to talk with me: Becca Ahuja, Jacob, Mark Armour, Dale Kelly Bankhead, David Binder, Kathleen Campisano, Regina Clemente, Cary Davidson, Julie Davis, Sue Dunlap, Michael Fleming, Adam Freed, Patrick Guerriero, Dan Hawes, Delores Jacobs, Eric Jaye, Lorri L. Jean, Sky Johnson, Kate Kendell, Geoff Kors, Celinda Lake, Maggie Linden, Grant Martin, Bob Meadow, Sarah Reece, Rashad Robinson, Marty Rouse, Steve Smith, Phyllis Watts, and Thalia Zepatos.  In equally generous fashion, James Kelm spoke with my Mentoring Project colleague David Caldwell.

Other experts who were not involved with Prop 8 met with me and/or the Mentoring Project Team and helped increase our understanding of the complex issues raised in this report. They include Pat Egan, Lanae Erickson, Greg Herrick, Gregory Lewis and Charles Gossett, Ken Sherrill, and Amy Simon.

To write the report, I treated as “off the record” all of the comments by everyone listed above.

Many of the above were among the forty-two readers who helped me improve the report.

This report would not have been possible without the extensive involvement of the LGBT Mentoring Project team and many volunteers. Four in particular devoted enormous time, effort, and thoughtfulness to this project.

David Caldwell was responsible for much of the smartest analysis in this report. He devised two crucial methodologies that allowed him to calculate wrong-way voting and to identify which groups of voters moved our way and which moved away from us over the course of the Prop 8 campaign. His consistent good thinking and his willingness to push me to reexamine my own analysis improved every aspect of this report.

Toph Allen created all of the charts used in this report, allowing us to show the story of Prop 8 as well as tell it. Appendix D would not exist without his enormous investment of time and skill. He also took the lead role preparing the LGBT Mentoring Project Web site to display the report and supporting information in a way that much more easily allows a broad readership to examine it.

Jennifer Higgins successfully retrieved vital data on the No on 8 and Yes on 8 media buys that I missed and would never have found. She deserves the credit for Appendix E’s comprehensiveness and clarity. She also read all of my handwritten interview notes, making sure I didn’t err in my recollection of them, and fact-checked much of the data throughout the findings.

Dan Elortegui demonstrated patience, kindness, and ingenuity as he directed, shot, and edited the video accompaniment to this report. He was indispensable helping me improve on camera.

Regina Clemente kept me and the entire team on deadline. Otherwise, I might still be writing. She did most of the research on campaign expenditures, fundraising, field, and rural voters.

Online research and fact-checking provided necessary supplemental data, as well as corroboration of key facts. The following people found the information I needed, proofread each revised version of each section of the report, offered editing advice of great value, corrected a wide range of errors, and/or helped me correctly attribute facts to their source. Many thanks to Mike Aguilera, Sam Baltimore, Josh Baran, Robert Blackmon, Amy Churan, Dyanna Claverie, Jay Darling, Stephen Deline, Milton Davis, Deidra Edwards, Sonia Hakim, Lisa Hazirjian, Mark Hefflinger, Daniel Horton, Janet Katowitz, Jennifer Kroll, Russell Krupen, Erik Ludwig, Jacob McClain, Duncan McCullough, Frank McGinley, Bob Meadow, Olivia Morrissette, Eric Nakano, Ray New, David Nimmons, Robert Perez, Syd Peterson, Max Philp, Rashad Robinson, Jeff Rosenfeld, Chris Smith, and Thalia Zepatos.

Ruth Strother copy edited this report pro bono, and managed both to turn it around fast and to edit with care and precision.

Cathy Renna and Nathan Tabak of Renna Communications handled media coverage of the report with terrific professionalism. Nick Sifuentes went above and beyond providing very helpful on-site media training and pro bono guidance. Wendy Pratt offered useful support and advice. Thanks to all of them for helping us reach our readership and the greater community.

Most of what I know about writing I learned from two terrific teachers, Carla Brooks at Chillicothe High School and William C. Martin at Rice University. Both made valiant efforts to eliminate my prolix tendencies, and both made writing tremendous fun.

Notwithstanding my gratitude to all of the above, none of them should be assumed to have endorsed this report or to share any of its conclusions. I alone take responsibility for the content of this report and all errors in it. I gratefully accept correction and comment from all readers.