No on 8 raised more money and recruited and mobilized more volunteers than any past ballot measure campaign directly affecting LGBT people. These accomplishments suggest that we are getting better at building the power to win these elections even though further improvements are essential.

·         Finding 8: No on 8 FieldStrengths and One Flaw: The field operation of the No on 8 campaign recruited quite possibly the largest number of volunteers mustered in any LGBT campaign of any kind in California or U.S. history. Despite its impressive size, however, one key flaw limited its impact on the election result.

·         Finding 9: No on 8 FundraisingUnprecedented SuccessThe fundraising of the No on 8 campaign, from start to finish, broke all records and set a completely new higher standard for what the LGBT community and our allies can accomplish in the face of anti-LGBT attacks. Despite this, however, outspending the opposition is not an adequate strategy for electoral victory; and, in addition, we must raise more of our money early or even spending parity or an overall spending advantage accruing to our side will leave us unnecessarily vulnerable.